The Most Impressive Person You Will Ever Meet

People, Peggy Evans by far is the most impressive person you will ever meet. Peggy helped me through the toughest point of my life. I asked her to sell my home. When I met Peggy, I found her to be kind, smart and provided all the answers. I explained to Peggy I was selling my home and moving to Florida. At the the time I had just suffered a massive heart attack that would change me forever. I got full custody of my infant granddaughter and losing my company at the same time, and was going through a separation. For a duration of two years and losing two sales on my home due to legal issues this woman on her own stuck up for my defense. She hired with her own money a legal team to save me. Paid out of her own pocket and I was no more than a complete stranger to her. This women stuck by me like no one has ever and ended up selling my home after endless battles and courts in Nov 2015.

I have never meet a person more incredible than she. I would have gave up on me along time ago. The funny is she did this knowing I could never repay her. If you’re ever looking or selling and you need to trust someone, Peggy Evans is who you want. Wish there was a way I could do for her what she did for me.